Maybe some people forget this, but: these rules don’t exist to annoy you, they should help to get a comfortable and nice-to-play enviroment on the server, so that everyone can play here in peace.
So as long as you are nice to each other and don’t influence them negatively most of the stuff here is complied.

The rules:

1. Keep friendly and respectfull

1.1 So: no flout, rassistic/displeasing expressions, spam, foreign advertisement, needless capslock, etc.

2. Don’t do something, which could be unfair against other players

2.1 So: no cheating, hacking, griefing, …

2.2 Additional, non-tekkit-mods are undesired

2.3 Bugusage is forbidden (report them!), multiaccounting as well

2.4 Don’t avoid the „afk-mode“

3. Don’t produce laags (Everyone, also those with a weaker pc should be able to play here)

3.1 [TownWorlds] No big redstone-buildings in the „normal“ cities, for bigger machines we have the FactoryTown

3.2 [TownWorlds] -> Not more than 2 Block Breaker on „normal“ (not FactoryTown) plots

3.3 Machines have to be turned off before going offline!

3.4 Who produce („open“) items have to collect them

4. Special server-rules:

4.1 [TownWorlds and TekkBlock] Killing other players is forbidden (direct/indirect or how ever)

4.2 [Freebuild and Farmingworlds] Excluded from the rule of killing are the freebuild- and farmingworlds, also there in minor degree1

4.2.1 It would be friendly to give the items back (at least the important ones)

4.3 [Farming] Attention, griefing is allowed in the farmingworlds.

4.4 For over 2 weeks offline time, you need a absence-sign on your plot (with date!)

4.5 [TownWorlds] If you want to sell Items with trade-o-mates use the shops (by more than one trade-o-mate, only one on the plot is ok)

4.6 Don’t ask for warps, use the portals at the spawn

4.7 Big gifts are unwanted (DropEvents too)!2

4.8 You find the banned items HERE

5. We basically don’t restore items

6. Please contact us befor you change your mc-name

(7.) By the reason of a dispute in the past with foreign language, we decided to ban all languages except english or german out of the global chat. If you want to chat in other languages use another channel (/channel join <channelname>)

Other notes:

  • We are sure that we can demand friendly behavior.
  • The results of ignorating the rules are of course punishments. …oh suprise…
  • If you have any futher questions or need help, use the ingame-command /ticket <content>. Please keep it short and understandable.
  • Screenshots/Videos are the best way to prove something.
  • Please, only add people to your plot that you can trust for sure (there are a lot of people who abuse the faith). If someone who is added to your plot break something and take it with him, it is allowed! In every case – it’s not griefing